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قامت شركة تقنية المعلومات بالتعاون مع الشركاء الألمان إيبيس و إي سي دي بتطبيق نظام تتبع شاحنات الترانزيت بمصلحة الجمارك السعودية في المنافذ المختلفة في المملكة العريبة السعودية



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Information Technology Company was established in 2003 as an International Technology company specialized in Building, Securing and Managing Technology by providing dedicated project development security products and management team to insure the quality of its project activities.
Our consultants are selected from ITC's own staff, with our alliances we are able to readily access a diverse range and depth of expertise in providing solutions to client needs.
Information Technology Company is determined to be a leading IT System Integrator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

رسالة المدير التنفيذي

Dear Visitor,
Thank you for visiting our website,

We are
sure from my long practical experience in Information Technology field that successful companies consider Information Technology as a strategic goal to increase their income & profit, and this will be achieved only if the top management of these companies gives full support to reach this strategic goal and link it to the company's strategic work in competence, improving the working efficiency, cost reduction and get new markets.

There is no doubt that the economic instability & hard competence give Information Technology big importance & lead to link Information Technology with the investment which will clearly have a lot of benefits to these companies.

With our experience as an Information Technology company, We have no doubt to select carefully the suitable Technology to supply successful solutions with good quality & competitive prices.
Finally, I wish you fruitful achievements & look forward to give us the chance to introduce our services as an Information Technology partner.
Best wishes,
Fahad Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Fawaz

Information Technology Co. Ltd.



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